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Peter Ostwald (1940-2020)

Peter Ostwald was educated at Putney School in Vermont and at UC Berkeley. He was trained in sculpture by Robin Campbell (Putney, VT), Mary Renk (San Francisco, CA), Professor Victor Reese (Berkeley, CA), and most recently, Richard Kambuzuma (Tengenenge, Zimbabwe).

Mr. Ostwald has sold metal sculpture (fabricated and cast) as well as jewelry through such stores as I. Magnin (throughout California) Saks Fifth Avenue (San Francisco) the Oakland Museum and Madison Avenue's Kreuger Gallery (New York City). Mr. Ostwald was founder and director of the metal arts program at John McConnell Technical Institute in San Francisco and was metal arts instructor at the Piedmont Adult School for seven years. He has provided private instruction in metal arts and sculpture at Ostwald Workshops for the past twenty years, until his passing in 2020.