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Jewelry Techniques

Peter offers some insight into his approach to creating his pieces.

There are a couple of aspects of jewelry-making and metal work that have always seemed like magic.

One is silver and gold soldering. Using good soldering techniques, one can build any shape. The results, even if it requires many separate pieces, will behave as a completely integrated unit. Silver and gold solder joints are completely flexible, ductile and stronger than the metal around them. Soldering creates a molecular bond, permanent and invisible.


The second aspect is the change that's produced when you bring a piece of metal to a high polish. The work suddenly appears heavier. The perfectly finished surface appeals powerfully to one's impulse to touch it. Attracting the human touch is one of the major positive attributes of the three dimensional arts. A high polish brings a kind of "life" to the metal that engages our innate human love of shiny objects.